Samhain Closing

If you haven’t heard by now, Samhain will be closing at the end of the month. Statement is here. I’m forever grateful to Samhain for becoming my first publisher when my editor pulled my urban fantasy story, then called Wicked Miserable, out of the slush.

If you bought any of my books through Samhain’s site, it would be a good time to back them up. And if you’re in the middle of reading either my Miss Misery or RedZone series, you might want to get your hands on the sequels soon. Samhain is beginning to remove books from vendors.

Jess and Lucen, and Sophia and Kyle will be republished eventually. I’m thinking about options, and I hope to have a plan soon.

As always, thank you to everyone who’s read (and maybe taken the time to review) my books!