Romantic Times 2014

RT swag 2Since I never officially said, “Hey, I’m going to be at RT in New Orleans this year,” (probably because I assumed no one would actually care), let me take a moment to say it now.

Hey, I’m going to be at RT in New Orleans this year!

So there’s that. I’ll be signing stuff and pretending I’m not totally socially awkward at the Giant Book Fair on Saturday afternoon, and then planning on stopping by the Teen Day Party that evening (where I will have to pretend even harder).

If you’ll be there, please stop by and say hi so I don’t feel like the loser who no one wants to talk to. Oh, who am I kidding, I’ll be that person anyway. But if you talk to me, I’ll love you forever for trying. Also, I’ll give you stuff – signed bookmarks for Wicked Misery, Dirty Little Misery, and Another Little Piece of My Heart, plus Wicked Misery magnets and ALPoMH buttons.

I’ll see you there, I hope.